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Hi everyone and welcome to your page! 

Hi everyone and welcome to your page!  I am so excited to have created this community of amazing women from around the world.


For forty years I have worked as a TV producer, reporter, journalist and entrepreneur in London, New York, Sydney and L.A. During that time I have worked closely with hundreds of celebrities but also with women just like you and me, helping them share their unique stories on TV and in print.  


Now, I am so excited to invite you to get in touch and share what your lives are looking like at fifty plus for publication here on your "It’s All About You" page. 


I hope that by sharing our stories, we will help and inspire so many women from our community.  For more details on how to get involved, see below and remember, whoever has their story selected to feature next will win an amazing gift worth £230/$290 U.S. See details below. 


I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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In it together!

Its about you blog
FAQs all about you


How do I get involved?


Maybe you’ve taken the plunge and started a new career later in life, survived divorce, discovered a new passion that you want to share, fallen in love again, struggled with being an empty nester, dealt with grief, uncovered some great beauty/health secrets, considered a switch to Sensodyne toothpaste!  

Really anything that you feel is relatable to our community.  



Do I Have To Be Identified?

For free gifts and competitions, which we will be running intermittently, you will need to be identified.  


However, in all other cases we are happy to use first names only if you would prefer to remain anonymous. If you are happy to be identified then we would love to use one of your favourite photos to accompany the words.  We give shout outs to your social media platforms and you will have copy approval. I am all about supporting women in business.


How Does it Work?

If you’d like to get involved then please complete the form below and express in a short paragraph what you would like to write about. If your story is chosen, I will be in touch to discuss further. I truly believe that by sharing our personal experiences we support and inspire so many other women.

Please note that although I try my best to come back to everyone, due to a high volume of entries you may only receive a reply if your entry has been successful. 

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Be sure to have a look around the website for some fantastic blogs in different categories! Head back to the top navigation for all the catergories on offer!

Share your story



Thank you for submitting! Kim x

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