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My Lucrative Lab

How my Labrador turned out to be a good rollover investment!...

Eleven years ago in a desperate and, let's face it, blatant bid to divert my mid-life crisis and empty nest symptoms, Charlie bought me the most adorable chocolate Labrador on the planet. His name is Bailey and the tactic worked.  I was immediately besotted.

When we arrived to pick up our puppy, we found him sleeping upside down in a puddle of water while his siblings climbed all over him.

My husband sighed and asked for the umpteenth time, “Are you sure, this is the one you want?”

I was. At that point in my life the last thing I needed was a dog I had to outwit. I loved his laid back nature and hoped it would counteract the neurotic personalities already living in the house.

Charlie took one more look and mumbled,

“Six hundred smackers!” as he counted out the cash, shaking his head.

Of course, despite his initial concerns, Charlie immediately fell in love with Bailey and agreed he was the perfect fit for our family.

Fast forward a few years and I had direct evidence that Bailey had not only been an amazing family hound but he was actually a business asset!

I couldn’t wait to break this news to Charlie who was at that exact moment writing out yet another cheque to Bailey’s vet.

For some time now experts have hailed the health benefits of having an office dog. But, Professor Paul Zak, neuroeconomics professor at Claremont Graduate University in California had taken it a step further claiming that an office dog can in fact create a rise in profits.

This was excellent news for my daughter and I who were both running businesses from home. Like any new company, there had been a lot of unexpected costs, so it was good to know that Bailey, could be considered an asset rather than a deficit.

And, it doesn’t end there. Bailey is also a health boost according to numerous reports and research. While we stress out over deadlines, edits and clients, Bailey's only concern is exactly how and when he's likely to be on the receiving end of his next biscuit.

His laid-back attitude serves as a healthy reminder that there is absolutely no point in having a nervous breakdown over things you can't change.

The fact is, Bailey is a vital member of Team Carillo. Available to play during our lunch breaks, on hand to cuddle following a work crisis, there to cry on when we're having a particularly tough day.

As to being a profit booster, I can only hope that Professor Zak is accurate in his prediction and that this time next year we, along with our clients, will be sunning ourselves in the Maldives.

Here Are CaNINE Reasons An Office Dog is Good For Business

1. PROFIT BOOSTER: According to scientists studies show that employees become more trusting, relaxed and nicer towards each other after interacting with a canine which can improve productivity and profits. I underlined “profits” when I took this news to Charlie.

2. STRESS BUSTER. Playing with a dog can reduce stress by up to a third according to experts. During my dad’s illness Bailey never left his side and intuitively knew how to comfort him.

3. HE HELPS US KEEP IT SIMPLE. It's easy to get tangled up in clumsy language when you're writing a pitch or a press release. When I find myself getting too wordy, I just look at Bailey and imagine I'm pitching the project to him. I simplify, and it's all the better for it.

How about your pooch? What does he/she bring to your life? I would love to hear from you and please enclose a photo to add to the gallery! You can DM me via my Instagram page @kimthisissixty or email


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