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1. Stop Multi-Tasking!

After 60 years of juggling a million things at once, I am attempting to break a life long habit and focus only on the task at hand, one task at a time. Of course, that’s easier said than done considering what’s going on in my house right now! Ideally you should push away any competing mind clutter for the duration. Feeling the genuine satisfaction that comes from doing that one thing well. I will be revisiting this new system once the kids have left!

2. Let Go of the Past.

Mind clutter is often related to the past, with mistakes we’ve made, opportunities we’ve missed, people we’ve hurt, and so on. Many a night I have been on a loop of all those regrets. Put aside some time to address those thoughts and emotions, learn from them what you can, then let go.

3. Prioritize

Turning sixty can be a bit of a shocker. You are suddenly a member of the If Not Now, Then When? generation. Prioritise what truly matters to you, learn to say a kind ‘no” to what doesn’t and if you receive criticism for your choices do your best to be OK with that.

4. Create Space And Renew Energy In Your Home

Take a good look at everything in your home. Does it still bring you joy, trigger a fond memory or lift your spirits? If not, get rid of it. They are just things. Create space in your home and in your heart for the memories and moments that truly matter. This is something I have learned from my husband. The beauty is in the simple things, the rituals that make up a perfectly normal day.

5. Be Decisive

I admit it, I am guilty of procrastinating! Or am I? Mind clutter is simply delayed decisions. Evaluate the pros and cons, get on with it and don’t look back. As my mother in law says, all decisions are good decisions!

I would like to tell you I am doing all of the above as prescribed but some habits are hard to break. Still, let’s give it a shot!


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