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Can Wearing Crystals In Your Bra Change Your Life? 

Heather Askinosie, 52,  is a pioneer of modern crystal healing with a long list of celebrity clients.  Here she shares her invaluable wisdom to explain how crystals might help us with some of the issues we are facing at this point in our lives.

Can Wearing Crystals In Your Bra Change Your Life?

By Kim Carillo

Victoria Beckham carries them in her handbag,  Naomi Campbell never travels without them and Gwyneth Paltrow even advocates popping an egg-shaped one into our vaginas!  

Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, wears a heart shaped one in her bra and has even developed her Kora Organics products to be filtered through crystals (specifically, rose quartz) before they hit the stores.  

They are just a few of the many celebrities who believe in the mystical energy of crystals.

Will and Grace star Debra Messing said on her instagram account: 

“I’ve always felt energy from the precious stones I’ve had the privilege of wearing.   It just makes sense to me that everything that comes from the earth would have a certain frequency." 

Image courtesy of Debra Messing Instagram

Google searches for ‘crystal healing’ in the UK alone have more than doubled in the past five years and whether you’re looking to make a million, find true love, improve your sex life or heal anxiety and stress… it seems there is a perfect crystal for the task! 

But, is this latest wellbeing trend really a cure-all? 

The truth is…that as long as we have existed as a species, we have had an affinity with stones and crystals. The use of talismans and amulets dates back to the beginnings of humankind.

Ancient Egyptians used crystals for protection and health, as well as cosmetically.

So, while there’s no scientific proof that crystals have any impact on human physiology, it’s unarguable that for some, at least, they do provide a psychological boost.  

Heather Askinosie, 52, is one of the world’s leading influencers in crystals and holistic healing with a long list of celebrity clients.  

She co-founded her company Energy Muse back in 2000 and celebrities like Celine Dion and Heidi Klum wear her crystal necklaces.  

But her expertise runs so much deeper than jewellery. Heather has spent nearly 30 years studying the power of the earth's minerals, by travelling the world and learning from indigenous healers, shamans and medicine people.

She has worked with thousands of clients to demystify the world of crystals and is regarded as a pioneer of modern crystal healing.

“A crystal is a tool that you can use to craft the best life for yourself, from the inside out,’ she explains.  “They are a form of energetic medicine we can use to make our lives better.”

Heather discovered crystals in the early 90’s whilst enjoying a highly successful career selling luxury properties.  

One client, a Brazilian businessman, insisted he’d only consider homes that had the correct Feng Shui… Heather had no idea what he was talking about!  

Taking a course on the subject she learned that there was this invisible world of energy that existed and says she was immediately fascinated. This led to her passion for crystals.

Her book, CRYSTAL365 makes for fascinating reading and I am so happy to say she has joined us here for a Q and A to help start us off on our crystal journey. I hope this “starter” feature ignites your interest to discover more. I for one am hooked!

The Empty Nest syndrome... what crystals would you recommend bringing into the home to create positive energy and heal some of the difficult transitions?

Rhodochrosite is my suggestion for the empty nesters. This pink stone heals the heart and creates a warm environment that can comfort and console you if you’re feeling lonely or lost. When you start to think “What’s next?” or “What now?” you can turn to the Rhodochrosite to discover your worth and value as an individual, regardless of your other “roles” or relationships. 

Many mid life women are launching a new business....  how can they use crystals to support confidence and bring success?

I love Pyrite because it is a wealth crystal (just look at that golden shimmer!) but it’s also a stone of confidence and strength. It gives you that boost of confidence to go after what you really want without holding back or limiting yourself. It’s a great power stone for any woman looking to take that leap of faith. 

How can you help heal the heartbreak of mid- life divorce?

My go-to suggestion for this is Rainbow Obsidian, which is a stone for grief and loss. In this case, the stone helps to heal your heart from the loss of a relationship and the grief over your marriage. It has a darker energy which helps to absorb some of the darker energy in your heart, but it also has a hidden rainbow that reminds you that you are capable of healing and releasing those more painful emotions.

For mid-life women out there who find themselves back in the dating game… is there a crystal they can pop into their bra on date night to help with a positive outcome?

Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone for love and dating, and the bra is my absolute favourite spot to put it! Placing it there opens your heart and reminds you to give and receive equally so the love can flow both ways. It also teaches you to love yourself, which is the first and most important step to any relationship!

Women of fifty plus are often experiencing a lack of sex drive...or even have a stale sex life with their long term partner... is there a crystal that can help in this department?

There are two different types of energies that could be useful for this. First is Sunstone, which is one of my favourite stones for sensuality and sexuality. It has a very confident vibe that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin which can help you be more comfortable with intimacy as a byproduct. This addresses more of the physical and personal aspects.

If there’s more of a disconnect on an emotional level between you and your partner, a pink stone like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite or Pink Opal would help to open your heart and strengthen your love and bond, which can enhance intimacy and sexual connection. 

Like many other women with elderly parents, I am still grieving my dad and my mum is now living with us with memory issues... I am spiritually and physically exhausted... can crystals help?

To help maintain your energy, a Black Kyanite is important because it allows you to energetically detach. Although you may not be able to have a physical separation or even an emotional one, this energetic separation ensures that your energy is your own and you have your energetic boundary up so you don’t take on all the energy of the people in your life and around you. At the end of the day, I use this to cut the cords with everyone I’ve come into contact with so I can release all that energy I’ve taken on. 

I am having trouble sleeping with all that's going on.... can crystals help?

Absolutely. My favourite crystals for sleep are the blues, purples and whites, like Celestite, Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Selenite. Much of what prevents us from sleeping are thoughts and emotions like stress, anxiety, tension and worry so my favourite crystals for sleep are ones that address those things. Place them by your bed, underneath your bed, or even on you as you drift off to dreamland so they can help to clear away any thoughts that might keep you up at night. 

Do you believe that wearing crystals in our clothes is beneficial?

I believe wearing crystals is one of the most powerful ways to connect with their energy. Where you wear it can also impact the way you access the stone’s energy - for example, if you have a heart-related intention wearing a necklace would be more powerful than a bracelet since it connects closer to that space. 

You can absolutely change what crystal(s) you wear depending on your mood or what you want to accomplish. It’s kind of like an energetic outfit and you get to decide what you wear each day!

Interested to learn more about this fascinating topic?  Head over to Heather’s website: where she shares great information on how to choose, cleanse and programme your crystals. 

Or buy her book 'CRYSTAL365' here

Follow her on instagram: @energymuse

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