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The Real Story!

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Ready to join us? 

I’m so glad you’ve found us!  This is the place to check in with your peers, share your unique stories of life over fifty and be inspired by world experts!  At this stage in our lives, don’t settle for average.  Create a life you’ll love!  




Then grab a coffee and scroll on down!

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If not now...

  then When?

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Who are you?


Who am I and how can I help you?

You’re a grown-up woman looking to live your best life with vitality, positivity and humour.  You believe in supporting other women whether in business or friendship. You appreciate good journalism and real stories told by real women. Health is important to you as are natural anti-ageing strategies. You love relevant fashion tips inspired by real women with real bodies! You’re looking to create a life well-lived and feel good about sharing your experiences of life over fifty to support and inspire your peers.

For the past forty years I’ve loved my career working as a TV producer, reporter, journalist and entrepreneur in London, New York, Sydney and L.A.


During that time I’ve worked closely with hundreds of the world’s biggest celebrities but I’ve also helped women, like you and me, share their real stories in TV and print.  Now I invite you to share your unique story of life after fifty for our "It’s All About You!" page. 


I want to help you create a life you’ll love and I’m kicking off by offering an amazing free gift.  Check out the details below.

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London, New York, Sydney & LA.

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When I hit       last year


it just so happened that it coincided with a couple of life changing events, all of which prompted me to put the brakes on, take a breath and consider how I wanted my life to look moving forward.  

I’d been on the brink of launching a hugely lucrative business in London and New York but in that moment I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be at this point in my life.  For the first time in my career I took a year out while I re-evaluated and then created a life I knew I would love.


I figured that if this was happening to me then many other women around the world were likely grappling with similar issues. This next phase of our lives will inevitably bring new challenges, some great, some not so much!


I hope that by authentically sharing our stories we can support and inspire each other with positivity, humour and encouragement to create and live our best lives after fifty. Because…


"If not now then when?”

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Then we want to help!


We’re offering this amazing prize worth £230/$290 U.S. where you’ll get to work with a professional to create your unique, dream 'Branding Starter Kit!'  Whether you are launching a new business, or looking to give your Instagram feed a 'glow up', to be in the running we invite you to share your unique story of life over fifty for publication on the  'It’s All About You' page. This is a one time only offer! Want to know more?

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